About US

Our milk has a simple story. We are from the Somes Valley, Transylvania, where our ancestors settled millennia ago, a place filled with subtle vibes and magical energies. We’re feeling home and empowered on the green hills surrounding the cities like Dej, Bistritz, and the Lapus land. We are motivated by the desire to create great dairy products, available to everyone. Here is where the Țarina brand is born, based on traditional homemade recipes, to offer daily the most natural and tasty dairy products. We rely on the past, but we are looking boldly into the future. And we love the smell of green grass, the taste of fresh food, and the spirituality of our native land.

Țarina: when natural recipes of the past meet the modern, 100% safe food technology.

2005 – The “Lactate Someșene” association is created

2013 – We started the building of our dairy products factory, located in Dej, Cluj County

The legendary milk

We manufacture our dairy products according to old and natural recipes, going back to 1960 – an era of clean and healthy food processing. The milk (sheep, buffalo, goat, cow milk) comes from local farms, where cattle and flocks graze on the open meadows, respecting ancient shepherd’s traditions. The taste of the milk is influenced by the seasonal vegetation, thus catching the flavors of the green Transylvanian planes. Our legendary milk is converted into delicious dairy products, linking the Țarina brand to century-old tradition.

Our dairy products are specific to Transylvania: brine matured cheese, fresh cheeses, yoghurt and sour cream. 

We are using only natural clots in the making of our products, without any additives and artificial ingredients. For example, for the fresh cheese, we are using a recipe that dates back to 1956.